Book Reviews

Living from the Overflow An examination of the far-reaches of the spiritual paradigm of plenitude. Joy
Unconditional Confidence A three-part method for dealing with fear and uncertainty. Nurturing
Navigating Hope Suggestions for making hope a key spiritual practice in uncertain and perilous times. Hope
Mother Night Stories that spur your creativity and imagination as you fly with the owls and undergo the soul-stirring process of seeing in the dark. Transformation
Emotional Freedom Practices A helpful and healing compilation of exercises and ideas on how to transform troublesome emotions. Transformation
The Fearless Heart Spiritual practices for overcoming self-doubt and living with courage and compassion in an age of rampant fear. Compassion
The One Thing Holding You Back Ideas and practices for mastering the art of emotional connection. Transformation
The Power of Slow Fascinating observations and spiritual practices for those who want to put on the brakes in our speed-obsessed times. Meaning
Through the Dark Wood An examination of the breakdowns and the breakthroughs of the second half of life. Meaning
Undivided Life A five and one-half hour journey through the major themes of the Quaker teacher's life and writings. You
Gratitude Stories, suggestions, and insights into the spiritual practice of gratitude. Gratitude
The Power of Radical Forgiveness An unusual and unorthodox explanation of the power of radical forgiveness. Forgiveness
Finding & Keeping Love An in-depth and practical course on the most important human project - the quest for love. Love
Living with Intention 6 CDs on the power of the mind to influence the universe. Transformation
Your Breathing Body 10 CDs with practices for using the breath as a pathway to healing and transformation. Attention
Life Visioning A learning course on manifesting the Divine in your life and developing your intuition. Vision
Awakening the Global Mind A holistic global philosophy for deep dialogue and a new consciousness. Transformation
Distant Healing: A Complete Guide Discoveries from the field of energy medicine on how to give and experience healing from a distance. Love
Your Breathing Body An exploration of enlightenment as being fully and completely embodied. Attention
The Mindful Way through Depression A presentation on how mindfulness can be used as a tool to combat depression. Attention